Improve Safety, Productivity, Communication, Confidence, and Compliance

Innovative and intuitive real-time enterprise digital Lockout / Tagout management

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Setyr Safety’s Lockout/Tagout solution is designed to streamline your LOTO activities to improve safety, minimize redundancy, and enhance visibility and transparency. Our user-friendly system reduces the effort necessary to design, execute, and de-isolate equipment so you can quickly and efficiently return equipment to service. Whether you work in the C-suite or have your boots on the ground, our design has you in mind.

We know how challenging it can be to manage a comprehensive LOTO program, let us partner with you to protect your most valuable assets, your people.


  • Easily build isolations with custom, pre-determined fields
  • Include any hazard(s) and mitigation(s) and/or additional PPE requirements while executing the LOTO of equipment
  • Determine step(s) necessary to verify equipment is completely de-energized (Lock, Tag, Try)
  • Communicate specific isolation equipment needed (ball valve cover, HASP, cable lock, etc.) in advance
  • Attach P&ID, electrical one-line diagrams, or other important LOTO documentation
  • Assign job process and lock point isolation procedures
  • Automatic, editable sequencing of de-isolation procedure
  • Robust search capabilities